Oct 12, 2009

Seaweed the Toxic Eliminate

Did you know that seaweed has a lot of property for the body, such as detoxification.

Detoxification is a disposal process of toxic in the body. Typically, the process is done from within the body, such as drinking eight glass water a day, consuming fruits that contain fiber, and not consuming fatty foods or contain many ingredients such as sugar and salt at the time.

Now detoxification can be done from outside of the body and the one way to do that is with seaweed spa.

Seaweed believed have very good effect for the skin and often used to maintain and humidify the skin, helps the formation of new skin cells, offset mineral content in the body, and eliminate poisons in the body (detoxification) and this can be happened because seaweed containing mineral salt, protein and zinc. Seaweed also containing lot's of vitamin such as A, C, B1, B12, E, PP, K and vitamin D which can help your body to activating new skin cells and also helping your body metabolism to tighten the skin.

Seaweed are one of sea material which are easly merged to the skin and helping the formation of skin. Not only that, seaweed also good for your hair health.

For women who have problems with obesity or excess body weight, the seaweed spa treatment can also be relied upon to keep the process of weight loss and keep the mineral in the body in balance. You do not need strict diet for getting more slender body. Although getting heavy shrink for your body but your skin will remain tight.

The weight loss process using seaweed is very good for keeping your health.

The spa treatment process using seaweed started with body massage which using olive oil to make your body more relaxing and freeing.

Your tense body will come comfortable and relax after getting the massage. This is because the blood circulation in the body flows more smoothly and make the tired felt on your body lost instantly. After the massage finish the next step is put seaweed mask around your body.

After the seaweed mask being dry, the next is covering your body with heating blanket. This function is to remove poisons from the body through sweat that out. Set the heat to the temperature you feel comfortable.

The process using heating blanket is same like if you in a sauna.

The last process are going in to a bathtub filled with warm water and sowing rose sheath.

This seaweed spa need 90 minutes in time. If you don't have 90 minutes time, you still can use this threatment by reducing the amount of therapy.